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Juneau Triplex

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T41S, R67E, SEC. 15
PLAT #306



The University of Alaska is offering for sale by the University of Alaska or through a Real Estate Broker, a .15 acre property, which includes an approximately 2,712 square foot triplex, comprised of three separate units, and a 280 square foot garage.  The property is located in White Subdivision, at 1931 Wickersham Avenue, which is approximately 1 mile northwest from the downtown district. 
The triplex was built in the early 1980s and has three units and a garage.  The triplex is connected to municipal water and sewer services.  Heat is electric.
The property’s topography is moderately to heavily sloped in the southwest direction towards Gastineau Channel with a variety of naturally occurring vegetation typical for the area.  Surface water drainage through the property is reported to be extremely heavy at times due to snowmelt runoff and heavy precipitation drainage off the side of the mountain.  The subdivision is within the boundaries of the City and Borough of Juneau and is zoned Single Family and Duplex (D-5).  
This subdivision is subject to certain covenants, conditions and restrictions.  Copies of the Conditions and Restrictions, White Subdivision, Juneau Recording District, State of Alaska are available above, or from the Land Management office in Anchorage or Fairbanks.

Appointments to tour the interior of the triplex can be scheduled by contacting:

University of Alaska Southeast
Nathan Leigh, Facilities Director
Phone: 907-796-6487

In the event the University of Alaska lists the triplex with a licensed Real Estate Broker, information concerning this triplex will be available at the selected Broker's office.

This triplex is being offered "AS-IS." This notice is effective until the triplex is sold.

Interested parties should thoroughly inspect this property and triplex prior to submitting an offer to ensure that the property and triplex are suitable for the party’s intended use and to determine all permitting requirements related to that intended use.  Additional information regarding the property and triplex may be available from local, state and federal offices, including but not limited to:  the city or borough assessor’s office, building permitting office and land planning office; local utility companies; district recorder’s office; the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Conservation, Department of Fish and Game and Department of Transportation and Public Facilities; and the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management, Geological Survey and Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The standard documents that will be used to close the sale in this offering are available for review below.  Copies of the White Subdivision plat (#306) are available at the District Recorder’s office in Juneau (Phone:  907.465.2514) or online (using the “Search Menu”, then “Plat Search”).

The Juneau Triplex will be sold at or above Fair Market Value.


JU.JU.0002 White 16 A 0.150

PROCESS - Juneau Triplex - Multi-Unit Property Sale
The Juneau Triplex listed above is being offered for sale by the University of Alaska or through a Real Estate Broker in Juneau, Alaska, at or above Fair Market Value. The terms and conditions of this offering are available below. The Offer to Purchase Form is attached to the terms and conditions. Offers to purchase must include a deposit in the amount of $3,500.00 to be applied towards the purchase price.

OPTION 1 - Cash Property Sale
The entire balance of the purchase price must be paid in full at the time of closing. Cash sales are typically closed within 90-days of the date of the Purchase Agreement, but may close earlier, at the University's discretion, to accommodate buyers. Sample copies of the University's documents are available for review below.