Land Management

Stewardship,Development Guidelines

Development Guidelines

The Board of Regents sets policies consistent with Alaska Statutes for management of University lands through a hierachy of plans, beginning with the overarching Strategic Plan, followed by Development Plans, and Disposal Plans of specific projects. The University seeks public comment through a public notice of its Development Plans and Disposal Plans in accordance with Board policy. Development projects and specific project plans can also be subject to local, state, and federal government regulations. In addition to the requirements of Board policy and of local, state, and federal laws, UA Land Management commonly holds public workshops to address local impacts, and when relevant, for development issues such as density, lot sizes, road maintenance, covenants, trail systems, and architectural standards.

University investment lands are managed for the economic benefit of the Fund, not the public at large. While the University will accommodate public uses through permitting processes, this focus may conflict with priorities of various public and private user groups. University education lands are managed for the benefit of the campus community (students, faculty and staff) and the University system overall, then accommodating public use to the extent it does not inhibit development to meet the education needs of the University. Each campus maintains a campus development plan approved by the Board of Regents and coordinated with local governing agencies as appropriate.

Mitigation of liability associated with development of natural resources requires careful risk and reward evaluation before a final decision to commence a development project is made. UA Land Management makes every effort to manage development using the best data available.