Land Management




UA Land Management Mission

The primary role of UA Land Management is to convert the University's grant land assets to investible income to support the University's educational mission and to prudently manage land dedicated for educational purposes consistent with campus goals and objectives. In addition, UA Land Management is responsible for managing non-trust land assets, which include purchased and donated properties.

University trust land designated for investment purposes includes approximately 124,000 acres owned in fee simple, 12,000 acres of surface rights, 14,000 acres of subsurface rights, and 62,000 acres of timber harvesting rights. An additional 2,000 acres of land donations and purchases are also managed as investment lands. UA Land Management development activities include residential subdivisions, recreational and commercial parcels, timber sales, gravel extraction sales, land and building acquisitions and sales, residential and commercial leases, mineral leases, oil and gas leases, property easements, and permits.

UA Land Management is responsible for managing grant land designated for educational purposes and acquiring additional lands necessary to develop and maintain the campus programs. In addition, UA Land Management coordinates, secures and maintains hundreds of leases, permits, and other real estate interests with other agencies and entities on behalf of faculty, scientific researchers and the campuses on a yearly basis.

University of Alaska Lands and Properties

The University of Alaska owns approximately 150,000 acres of land throughout the State.  This includes approximately 12,000 acres designated as educational property and 138,000 acres designated as investment property.  Educational property includes the three main campuses in Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Juneau, over a dozen branch campuses, and numerous research sites and facilities. All land not specifically designated as educational property is designated as investment property.