Land Management




UA Land Management Mission Statement

The primary role of UA Land Management is to convert the University's grant land assets to investible income to support the University's educational mission and to prudently manage land dedicated for educational purposes consistent with campus goals and objectives.

UA Land Management Office

UA Land Management is responsible for managing, developing, acquiring and disposing of all University Real Property.  Consistent with the Board of Regents' fiduciary obligation, UA Land Management manages and develops University Real Property  for the exclusive benefit of the University of Alaska.  University development activities include, but are not limited to residential, recreational and commercial subdivisions; timber sales; land and building acquisitions and sales; residential and commercial leases; mineral leases; oil and gas leases; and material sales.  In addition, UA Land Management is responsible for issuing permits and other land use authorizations for third-party use of University real property, and for acquiring all permits and other land use authorizations necessary to facilitate campus research and development projects.

University Real Property

The University currently owns and manages approximately 150,635 acres of land.  These lands include approximately 138,455 acres of land designated as Investment Property and 12,180 acres designated as Educational Property.  Educational Properties include the three main campuses in Fairbanks, Anchorage and Juneau; several community campuses; and a number of administrative, academic and research sites located throughout Alaska.