Land Management

University Lands


Federal and State Land Grants

In 1915, federal legislation granted land to the Territory of Alaska to support the "Territorial Agricultural College and School of Mines" along with each Section 33 (640 acres per section) located in each township of the Tanana Valley. In 1929, federal legislation granted an additional 100,000 acres of land to the Territory of Alaska, for the exclusive use and benefit of the Agricultural College and School of Mines.

With the passage of the Alaska Statehood Act in 1958, the 1915 Act was repealed. In 1959, when Alaska became a state, only a small percentage of the Federal grant lands from the Acts of 1915 and 1929 had been conveyed to the University. Consequently, the State of Alaska received over 104 million acres from the Federal Government, more than any other state. As a result, the University received a smaller land grant for higher education than any other state except for Delaware. Securing additional land grants would significantly enhance UA Land Management's ability to generate investable income to support University programs.

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