University of Alaska Land Management

Kasilof Parcels
Disposal Plan




The University of Alaska is currently offering several lots for sale on Crooked Creek Road, approximately 4 miles south of Kasilof.  To access the parcels from Kasilof, travel south on the Sterling Highway, then turn east (left) onto Johnson Lake Loop Road (near MP 110).  Travel less than ¼ mile, then turn south (right) onto Crooked Creek Road.  The Kasilof Parcels are located approximately 2¼ miles down Crooked Creek Road, starting just past Running Water Avenue.  The lots generally straddle Crooked Creek Road.
The lots are located within the Kenai Peninsula Borough and are generally level to gently sloping with a mixture of hardwood and spruce trees.

The lots were recently surveyed and are depicted on a Record of Survey, Plat #2010-36 that is recorded in the Kenai Recording District.  To allow continued public use of Crooked Creek Road right-of-way, the Kasilof Parcels will be conveyed subject to the following reservation:
Subject to:  The right of the public to use that area depicted on EXHIBIT A hereto for the purposes of constructing, reconstructing, maintaining, repairing, operating, improving, and accessing public roads, walkways, trails, utilities and ancillary facilities related thereto.
The “Exhibit A” drawings that will be used to close the sale of these lots will be in substantially the same form as the individual lot depictions attached to this Kasilof Parcels Disposal Plan.
Interested parties should thoroughly inspect these parcels prior to submitting an offer to ensure that the parcels are suitable for the party’s intended use and to determine all permitting requirements related to that intended use.  Additional information regarding these parcels may be available from local, state and federal offices, including but not limited to:  the city or borough assessor’s office, building permitting office and land planning office; local utility companies; district recorder’s office; the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Conservation, Department of Fish and Game and Department of Transportation and Public Facilities; and the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management, Geological Survey and Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
The standard documents that will be used to close sales in this offering are available for review below.  A copy of the Record of Survey, Plat #2010-36 is available at the District Recorder’s office in Kenai (Phone: 907.283.3118), or online (using the “Search Menu”, then “Plat Search”).

The price listed below is the MINIMUM PRICE.

KN.KS.0032 9 Kasilof 3.852 $30,000
KN.KS.0033 10 Kasilof 3.860 $30,000
KN.KS.0034 11 Kasilof 3.867 $24,000
KN.KS.0035 12 Kasilof 3.874 $20,000
KN.KS.0036 13 Kasilof 3.881 $20,000
KN.KS.0037 14 Kasilof 3.889 $24,000

PROCESS - Cash Purchase Terms and Conditions
The parcel(s) listed above is being offered for sale by the University of Alaska on a first come, first served basis, at or above the Minimum Price. The terms and conditions of this offering are available below. Offer to Purchase Forms are attached to the terms and conditions. Offers must include a minimum of ten percent (10%) of the offer amount, to be applied towards the purchase price. Cash purchases require that the entire balance of the purchase price be paid in full at the time of closing. Cash sales typically take up to 90 days to close, but earlier closings may be accommodated at the University's discretion. Sample copies of the University's current cash sale closing documents are available for review below.